A Night in Paradise in Maasai Mara

A Night in Paradise in Maasai Mara

When is the last time you visited a place that touched Mara your soul? A place that strife life out of the 21st century complexities and encourage you to rethink your priorities. A place that enriches you with new and radically different cultural experience, where time is gauged by sunrise and sunset and untouched vistas stretch far into the distance.where, while you sleep elephants, warthog and hippos stroll close to your tent. Where days are spent discovering the herds which roam free and the predators which stalk them. Evenings around a camp-fire and gourmet dinners by candle-light, before retiring to a comfortable bed in a spacious and luxurious tent to the sound of the African night as a distant roar of a lion bring a perfect day on safaris to an end. No electricity, cell phone and no tethering to the Mara heretic rush of life all this tailored to take you to the simple rhythms of nature.WELLCOME TO GOVERNORS CAMPS-MAASAI MARA.

The Governors camps are luxurious tented camps Mara located in the heart of the best game viewing areas and spectacular scenery that form the Mara ecosystem. The BBC has repeatedly chosen the Governors camps for the filming of their Big Cat Diary series showing the daily life and drama of lions, cheetah and Leopard.

Game drives at Governors are by comfortable 4 wheel drive vehicles, Walking Safaris with expert guide for a close encounter with nature or a dawn drift by a hot air balloon over the winding river Mara.The Governors Camps Consist of:

1. The Governors Camp

Nested in the forest on a site originally reserved exclusively for the colonial Governor of Kenya. Mara Half the tents look over the rolling golden grasslands of Africa’s Great Plains, with views of herds of elephants, zebra and gazelles: the rest line the bank of the Mara River. The decked bar is right on the water’s elge.the perfect spot to watch the wallowing hippos or crocodile guarding its nest.

2. Little Governors Camps

Intimate in Character the little Governors has just Seventeen tents tucked around a large watering hole that teems with animals and birdlife. Beyond the deep drop of the ololo Ridge melts into the vast African Sky. Getting here is an adventure in itself, crossing the Mara River by boat, then walking beneath the canopy of indigenous forest trees.

3. Governors IL Moran Camp.

The river glides slowly past this spacious and luxurious camp. From every veranda you may see furtile bushbucks on the banks, crocodile dozing on the Mara sandbanks, families of hippos in shallows. At the end of the day, guest can enjoy a hot bath in the luxurious en-suite bathroom, then sink into a huge knotted olive-wood bed in preparation for another day of excitement and advent.


4. Governors Private Camp:

This camp offers the opportunity to safari in the style of days goneby-in your own exclusive camp.Upto sixteen people, one family or group, have a beautiful bend of the Mara River entily to themselves. Here animals come to drink, and elephants brings their calves for a playful dip. The river also offerscrewing opportunities and the chance to see marimba bands play Mara music in the warm African night.  สล็อตเเว็บตรงเเตกง่าย

5. Loldia House:

Away from the big Mara camp area, the Loldia House is an oasis of triline jungle and flowing fresh water. Home to an ever-present but fascinating array of wildlife,the experience of this house-turned-luxury lod Dame to the land is unforgettable.

6. Mombasa Island Camp.

Mombasa Island Camp is situated on the north-eastern tip of the Island in Kenya. By day, the seaside promenade draws international cruise ship passengers to urban Kenya, while by night its Conversation topics and amphitheatre of natural beauty reflect the local community’s ever-growing reputation as cultural tourists.

7. Mombasa Elephant Village

The luxury of this camp is its open ‘hot air’ kitchen, where you can experience authentic African cuisine. Not only the traditional camp-filling meals of meat and vegetables, but also the live entertainment and surprises like Swahili and belly dancing.

8. MombasaAlthough this town is far from developed, and is in contrast to the apparently harsh world, it has its own charm and redeeming qualities. The mild climate, big parks and clean roads are the town’s biggest virtues. shines through in the everyday lives of its inhabitants, whether old or young.