The Best Festivals in Geneva

The Best Festivals in Geneva

If you’re lucky enough to be organising your Geneva airport transfers during one of the following festivals then you will be in for a real treat. Geneva holds a number of eclectic festivals every year, and 2011 is no exception. So check out the most important festivals below and definitely try to visit some if you get the chance.

Geneva Festival

If you only get to see one festival once you’ve planned your Geneva airport transfers then make it this one. The Geneva Festival (or Fêtes de Genève) is held from the end of July to early August, and for visitors to the city in the summer this is an extravaganza of fun and entertainment.

Thousands of people flock to Geneva for the festivities, all keen to see such attractions as the boat races, the huge fireworks displays, the numerous fairground attractions and the lake parade. Over the 10 days that the festival takes place, there are over 100 concerts.

International Flower Show

If peace and quiet are more your things, then why not make a trip to Geneva for the International Flower Show? This annual event is staged at the Palexpo Exhibition Centre, and you may recognise it from the recent television show.

Here you will find yourself surrounded by an array of colourful tulips, annual flowers and ornamental plants. There will also be a flower parade to keep you entertained and a food hall where you’ll find some of the most famous foods of the region served in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Jazz & Blues Festival

The city has its fair share of jazz and blues venues, Geneva and in 2012 the party followers will be heard on the streets between the months of July and August. One of the main draws of the festival is its main stage, where the world’s major jazz musicians get out there and play to packed crowds in the best possible atmosphere. You may recognise the name of Yoko Ono, who has been playing jazz in Geneva for many years, and who staged the launch of her solo career with the English-British Symphony Orchestra.

LacertA “jazz & blues” festival held in July, with live bands and DJ’s.


Europa & Espace Musique Francais

Held in the gardens of Palais Espace in July, with many other concerts and musical events to round out the festival. Many of the venues attract visiting bands and singers, so you’ll get the chance to hear some of the best local musicians putting on a show.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Located in the heart of the city, the Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the best places to hear jazz on a European scale. The event is Geneva organised around a single schedule, and the audience is offered an extensive programme of concerts, workshops and similar events. It attracts visitors from around the world, and during the period of the festival the city is truly alive with musicians, artists and street performers.

Vienna International Book Festival 

The Vienna International Book Festival is held in early November, and books are celebrated in a myriad of ways. Do note though, some bookstores are a little short on the deals on offer.

Leonardo Da Vinci Bookshop

There is a long tradition of bookshops in Vienna, and this one is an extremely popular attraction. You can browse through the books and end up with a few of your own to read as a tearoom. Or perhaps you would prefer a fiction collection. The Da Vinci bookshop is the most popular of these and is also the largest in the city. You will find it in Pavilionplatz, near to the New Martins building.Geneva

A Walk in the Gardens สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

After your transfers from Geneva airport, a trip into the city will also take you through the Gardens of Saint-icans. It is a group of public parks, lawns and squares, surrounding the Town Hall and the UN building. Designed by stressesteenth century architect, Giorgione, the garden is an unusual choice of architecture and may interest adults interested in the Art Nouveau style. Adults may also enjoy a picnic lunch in the covered pavilion at the heart of the garden. The park is easily accessible from the lake and an ideal place to watch the world go by.